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Practice Frames

July 14th, 2010 [print] No comments

One of my resolutions this year was to learn how to build my own bike frame.  I have pretty much no idea what I’m doing–story of my life–but I’ve always been able to figure things out for myself pretty well with patience, reading, and practice.

My first frame is going to be based off the geometry of my EighthInch Scrambler frame, set up as either a singlespeed, or maybe a 3-speed with a Shimano Nexus hub.  Fortunately, I have plenty of time to make up my mind about that, since I have exactly zero seconds worth of torch time so far.  But… that’s about to change.

I got a handful of crappy old steel frames to use as torch victims, and my first project will be to learn how to attach small braze-on parts, such as bottle holders, seatpost clamps, and an internal cable routing guide.  After I get to the point that my work looks decent, and not like a pile of semi-retarded garbage, I’ll turn my torch toward something a little nicer.

For the time being, these pieces of crap need to be stripped of their paint, sanded, read their rights, and then shown a little pain.

Click for larger image

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Polished Crankset

June 26th, 2008 [print] 4 comments

I was inspired to do this project after seeing RL Policar’s How To Bling Your Bike For Less Than $5.00 post on last week.

I had recently bought a used Shimano FC-M510 crankset off eBay for my wife’s bike, as a replacement for her Shimano Tourney crankset.  She likes the Tourney because of its integrated chainguard, but it’s always bugged me that the chainrings are riveted on, as opposed to bolted.  Once riveted chainrings wear out, the entire crankset is useless, since the rings can’t be replaced.  It was also a bit on the heavy side which, for someone like me, is downright blasphemous.

Not wanting to spend a lot of money, I ordered a used crankset from eBay.  While waiting for it to arrive, I found the above mentioned article and decided I’d give it a try.

The crankset arrived very scratched up, just as I had expected, but in perfect condition otherwise (unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do the paint damage justice, as it was far worse in person than it looks).  Also, a couple teeth on the large chainring looked as though they had a bite taken out of them by a piece of concrete, but this won’t matter once I’m done (you’ll see why).

Click for larger image

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