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A Beautiful Day for Dehydration

July 11th, 2010 [print] No comments

Sinclair Road, Columbia, MO

With all the rain we’ve been getting in mid-Missouri lately, I’ve been sticking mostly to the road.  Saturday was beautiful–humid, but low-80s and sunny–so I decided I’d do a 50mi ride to make up for all the missed rides (due to rain) throughout the week.

My mistake was heading out the door without enough water.  I had my Camelbak about half full, which meant maybe 40-50oz of water at most, which seemed fine at the time.  As it turned out, the humidity drained me pretty quickly, even though I never seemed to sweat much.

Around the 30mi mark, I noticed my Camelbak was getting pretty light, so I backed off on how much I was drinking in order to preserve what I had left.  My mouth and throat were getting dry, too, but not so much so that it was bothering me too much.  By mile forty-nine, the water ran out.  I was within a few blocks of home, and even passed my street and added a couple extra cool down miles to the ride since I wasn’t going to be leaving the general area again.  I finally got home after 52½ miles, put my bike up and headed to the shower, where my quads began to scream…

You’d think after 12 years of this crap, I’d have learned my lesson by now, but I guess I haven’t.  I weighed myself at 138.6lbs, four pounds less than before I left for the ride.  So, even though I guzzled about 3lbs of water on my ride, I guess I lost 7lbs over the length of it.  Anyway, 1 Gatorade, a large whey protein drink, and a bunch of water (and Dr. Pepper) later, I felt fine, and my quads were no longer burning and cramping.  I lucked out and didn’t get a Charley horse, which I’ve been plagued with more than I’d like lately.

We got more rain today, so I spent the day inside drinking water and Dr. P, and hopefully gaining my water weight back.  For the time being, I’ve re-learning my lesson about taking proper amounts of water with me on a ride, but I have no doubt I’ll screw up again sometime and wind up in the same boat.

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CamelBak Redesigned Reservoir for 2011

July 4th, 2010 [print] 3 comments

CamelBak has announced a completely re-designed "Antidote" bladder system for the upcoming 2011 model year.

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(photo by

The new design of the opening incorporates a flatter shape that’s both wider and squarer with a 24 percent lower profile, not to mention lighter.  It also has integrated arms that swing down to hold the bladder open during drying.  My old method of stuffing a wadded up paper towel inside works, but this should do much better.  The screw top has also been improved, now requiring only a quarter turn to tighten.  The screw top on the Omega has always required a strong hand to keep it from leaking, and my wife usually needs my assistance to help her open hers.  The quarter-turn top should hopefully eliminate this.

One issue I’ve always had with CamelBak’s Omega bladder is how poofy it gets when filled with water.  The Antidote has an internal baffle that attaches the front and back of the bladder, keeping the stack height much lower.  This means less bulging of the bladder, so you won’t feel like you have a giant water balloon against your back as you ride.

The Omega has always used friction to keep the hose attached to the bladder, but the Antidote does away with this weaker design, now incorporating a quick connect/disconnect feature, meaning you no longer have to put any effort into taking off the hose.  It also auto-seals the opening on the bladder where the hose attaches, so that water doesn’t gush out when you take the hose off.  In the old design, if you needed to take the entire bladder out of your bag for filling or cleaning, you’d have to back the hose out of the bag’s routing system.  Now, you just disconnect the hose with a single click, and leave it in the backpack while you take the bladder out.

Having the quick connect feature also means you can run in-line add-ons, such as taste filters.

Check the following video from to hear Seth from CamelBak tell it himself, as well as reveal a couple newly re-designed bags.

Via MTBR, BikeRadar & BikeRumor

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Water Bottle Kit

June 22nd, 2008 [print] No comments

I typically use a CamelBak to carry my tools and water along on rides, but for shorter rides, it isn’t always neccessary.  However, I hate strapping a seat bag onto my bike because it’s too time consuming messing with the straps, and seatbags are usually wedge-shaped, so cramming everything inside can be difficult.

So, for a short evening or morning ride where you may need just a few essentials, and especially if you have multiple bikes and never know which one you may take with you, I thought I’d pass along this tip.

This first thing you need is a spare water bottle, preferably with a large opening; a 24oz. size works just fine.

Click for larger image

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