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Cyclist Pepper Sprays Loose Dogs, Owner

September 26th, 2010 [print] No comments

Oh, man, how I’ve wanted to do this very thing so many times.  In Columbia, MO, dog owners seem to think leash laws are optional, so they either let them run free on public-use trails, or put them on those damn retractable leashes, pop in some headphones, and look the other way while their dog runs 20′ ahead–or across the trail or street–to cause near-misses for cyclists.  I’ve also been chased by unattended loose dogs in peoples’ yards, and it’s pretty difficult to defend yourself against a biting animal while you’re trying to both stop, and keep from running into things.

The guy in this story was chased down by a couple loose dogs, and not only defended himself against them–and the owner–but the owner wound up getting a ticket for their bad behavior.


Well done, Boulder County, CO!

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