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1-15-11 Links

January 15th, 2011 [print] No comments

Queens NYC councilman wants every adult cyclist to register to ride:

New Jersey lawmaker proposes the same ridiculous law (is this becoming a trend?):

Want to ride w/ a slower rider, but make the ride potentially more dangerous?  Try the BicycleBungee

Rael concept bike w/ rear-facing cameras and LCD monitor:

Rael Concept Bike

Portland Design Works is installing a mini velodrome inside their headquarters:

Circulus from machine project on Vimeo.


Study: Bike infrastructure projects create more jobs than auto-based initiatives:

5 California cyclists arrested for biking while intoxicated:

Winter Warriors – which type are you?

Skywalker – the 12ft tall bike that comes equiped w/ a ladder:

Skywalker Tallbike

Frostbitten cyclist discovers just how cold Siberia is:

And finally, a classic video from Lucas Brunelle playing on the ice:

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High School Student Makes Wooden Bicycle

January 8th, 2011 [print] No comments

We’ve all seen bicycles made of wood before, but it’s typically just the frame.  Occasionally, you’ll find some hardcore enthusiasts that even sport wooden handle bars, and wooden wheel rims go back a hundred years; in fact, you can still buy them today.

But what makes this bike stand out is that it’s entirely made of wood.  Even the chain is wood!  Click on through to the article to see high school student, Marco Facciola’s, all-wood bicycle that he completed for a school project.

Marco Facciola - Wooden Bicycle


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Cardboard Bike Helmet

October 8th, 2010 [print] 1 comment

London’s Royal College of Art graduate, Anirudha Surabhi, has created a recyclable helmet, made mostly of corrugated cardboard, which just might hit the shelves in a few months.

It’s called the Kranium–which isn’t particularly creative, so thankfully the design makes up for it–and is reported to weigh less than a standard foam helmet, as well as have 4 times the strength.  Unfortunately, it also has at least 1.5 times the awkward mushroom-head looks of normal helmets, so hopefully he’s still working on that.

(see what I mean…?)
Kranium Helmet

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Ciclotte Exercise Bike

August 26th, 2010 [print] No comments

This ridiculous thing you see here is a stationary exercise bike by a company called Ciclotte.  What makes it ridiculous is not its carbon fiber, unicorn fart and pixie dust construction, nor the on-board computer that can let you choose between 12 different ride settings.

Nor is the artsy design ridiculous.  Okay, it’s a little odd, but it definitely stands out, and it looks so good, I doubt you’d end up using it as a clothes hamper.  On second thought, the Pikachu handlebars are a bit ridiculous.

Click for larger image

No, what makes this thing ridiculous is the $10,700 price tag.  Add the average state sales tax, and you’re over $11,500 for a bike that can only be ridden in your fancy home office with a lake view (which costs extra, by the way).  You know what else can be had for $10,700, give or take a few?

—  Cannondale SuperSix 2 road bike with full Sram Red – $4,600
—  Scott CR 1 Comp spare training bike – $1,700
—  Trek T1 track bike – $860
—  EighthInch Scrambler V3 singlespeed beater – $600
—  Trek Speed Concept 2.5 Tri bike – $1,980
—  CycleOps Fluid indoor trainer – $300
—  A half-dozen spare tire sets – ~$600

And guess what?  All five of the bikes above can be used with the indoor trainer or–and I know this is a novel idea–taken outside and ridden on the street!  But, I guess for the cyclist with more money than brains, the Ciclotte is certainly cooler than just about any other stationary bike on the market.

Via Gizmodo, Wired, GizMag

Lunartic Cycle – Hubless Wheel

August 14th, 2010 [print] No comments

Designer Luke Douglas is showing off a concept bike he came up with as an entry for the James Dyson Awards.  The bike, which is still in the early prototype stage, uses a tiny front wheel for maneuverability (I’ll complain about this momentarily) and a much larger rear wheel for stability.  The rear wheel has a toothed drive, which sends power through the rear wheel rim, totally negating the use of spokes.  The overall design is a bit awkward compared to typical 700c bikes, but it looks like it might work over the long run.

Lunartic Cycle

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Tato CSSB Commuter Bike

July 21st, 2010 [print] No comments

Upstart Swiss bicycle maker, Tato, has revealed a new commuter bike with a cool solution for carrying your stuff.

Instead of using a messenger bag, backpack or pannier system, they’ve designed a frame with room inside the front triangle that’s large enough for a briefcase, laptop, or anything else that can fit the 15.75" x 12.5" x 3.75" slot.  The top tube is a split design–called Central Storage System for Bikes, or CSSB–allowing you to just slip your cargo into the frame and ride off.

The $1,500 bike comes with a Shimano Deore drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and your choice of rigid or suspension fork.  Personally, I’d like to see more aggressive road bike geometry and a drop bar (or bullhorns), and rear axle dropouts that allow for a singlespeed set-up.  That aside, it’s a pretty interesting concept, and I wouldn’t be surprised if smaller builders mimicked the split top tube (it can’t possibly be patentable, can it?).

Tato Commuter Bike -

Tato Commuter Bike -


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Bendable Bike

July 8th, 2010 [print] No comments

21-year-old British inventor, Kevin Scott, is showing off his new creation, a bicycle that can bend itself around a street lamp.

The bike can be ridden like any other, but when it’s time to lock it up and leave it on its own, you simply flip a lever on the seat tube, and the frame–the top and seat tubes, in particular–become bendable, allowing you to wrap it around a street post and lock it to itself.  Whether or not it’ll actually keep the bike from being stolen is debatable; personally, I just think it’ll attract even more attention to itself, thereby becoming more of a target.  Either way, Scott is currently showing the bike off at the New Designers show in London, and hoping to find a financial backer so he can take it into production.

More info can be found on the Daily Mirror.

Kevin Scott, Bendable Bike
Photos © Tony Kyriacou / Rex Features

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10 Brilliant Redesigns for the Bicycle

June 19th, 2010 [print] No comments

Popular Mechanics has rounded up 10 new variations on the bicycle.  "…we’re using a half horsepower to move over 80 mph."  Sweet…


Popular Mechanics: 10 Brilliant Redesigns for the Bicycle

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