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Inverted Shorts

July 3rd, 2010 [print] No comments

Have you ever discovered a couple hours into your day that you have your shirt on backwards or inside out?  Consider yourself better off than the guy on the right, who rode an entire century with his lycra shorts on inside out.  At least when you do it, there’s no one standing around with a camera to snap a photo of it.

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Vintage Pepsi T-shirt

July 3rd, 2010 [print] No comments

I don’t normally buy vintage (aka, used) clothing, but I couldn’t pass up this rare Pepsi cycling t-shirt I found on eBay last week for $8.88.

I’m not sure what year it came out, but it’s about as fragile as the original U.S. Constitution (and I’m not just talking about the paper it’s written on, either), so I guess it was worn quite a bit.

Catch That Pepsi Spirit - City of Pittsburgh The Great Ride

Catch That Pepsi Spirit - City of Pittsburgh The Great Ride

How to Make Your Own Cycling Shoes

May 5th, 2010 [print] 2 comments

I don’t normally do DIY posts, but since this project is both simple, cheap, and easy to explain, I figured I’d share.  Basically, all we’re doing here is turning a pair of normal shoes into incognito cycling shoes for use with clipless pedals.  As we all know, typical cycling shoes look pretty damn dorky, so it’d be nice to have a pair of shoes that you could put on to ride over to a buddy’s house in a pair of bluejeans should the occasion arise.  Or, maybe you’re headed to class, don’t plan on doing much walking, and it’d just be easier to take some cycling-specific shoes that don’t shout to everyone that you’re a lame-o cyclist.

Whatever your need for them, here’s how you’re gonna do it…

What you need:

— 1pr of old cycling shoes (yours or someone else’s, but make sure they fit your feet)
— 1pr of normal shoes
— A box cutter, plus scissors or whatever other cutting device you’d like to use
— Contact cement or other extremely strong clue
— Something to mark a cutting template with, such as tape or a paint marker
— Old newspaper

Step 1 – Find some old cycling shoes.  You probably have an old pair that you never threw out, but if not, then hit up your buddies, local bike shops, or beg for some on Craigslist.  Either way, get some and try not to spend any money on them since you’re about to tear them to pieces.  Just about anything willl work, so for my project, I used some 7-yr-old Cannondale mountain bike shoes that I replaced last year.

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