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Weird Bikes, pt1

July 10th, 2010 [print] No comments

Photos of weird-ass bikes I’ve stumbled upon over time.

Micro Roadie
Micro Roadie

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Bicycle Interest on the Move

June 22nd, 2008 [print] No comments

I found this article from a local paper discussing how many people and families are turning to bikes for fitness and to save money on gas.  It’s definitely worth a read, but I wonder if it will still hold true in a few months.  It’s easy to have great intentions when the weather is nice and the sun is up during the morning commute, but once fall and winter arrive, will most people just go back to driving?  My guess is, yes.

Another issue with bicycle commuting in my community (and many others) is the vast distance from home to work.  I live exactly 3 miles from my work, with very little hills in between.  However, that’d involve riding along a busy State highway for about a mile.  The alternative route would increase the distance to about 5 miles and be much safer, but mid-West weather is totally unpredictable, and we don’t have many dry mornings that also lead into dry afternoons.  Oh, and the distance between work and home for me is quite small; most people in this town live much further from work, and most aren’t dedicated bike riders.

Will is work?  Maybe, at least for a while.  But I think weather, congested primary and secondary roads, and large distances to ride each morning will keep the trend from growing much.

Photo credits:  Nick King, Columbia Daily Tribune

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