Bicycle Boulevard, Columbia, MO

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My hometown of Columbia, MO, has been increasingly bicycle-oriented over the last few years, thanks in part to our previous mayor, Darwin Hindman.  And though I could complain all day about their lack of attention to bike lanes filled with glass, road debris, sandy gravel, and unfriendly storm drains, at least they’ve given us the lanes to begin with.  Hell, it’s better than nothing.

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The city’s latest endeavor is what’s known as Bicycle Boulevard, which consists of Windsor St. and East Ash St., with a short connector on University Ave.  The goal of it is to piss off motorists allow easier access to the downtown area from East of College Ave., a notoriously bad road to ride a bike on, due to narrow lanes, high traffic, and high speeds.  To help bring attention to Bike Blvd., two 25’x25′ murals are being painted by artists Sandra Eccles, 63, of Canton, MO, and Tom Edwards, plus whoever wanders over to volunteer to help.

The East Ash St. mural was finished on September 5, 2010, with the Windsor mural scheduled for Sept. 11, as week later.  I stopped by and snapped some shots of the first one today, and I’ll add more to the gallery below once the entire project is finished.

You can read more about the making of the murals here:

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Fixie Studio & Pedal Mafia

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If you’ve ever wasted time in Photoshop trying to simulate what your future bike would look like, then FixieStudio and Pedal ID will make your life a whole lot easier.

FixieStudio gives you few options to go with, but the results are far more realistic looking.  It’s also quite a bit easier to use.

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Pedal Mafia’s Pedal ID, on the other hand, gives you more frame types, and a lot more options, but you’re forced to rearrange the bike parts, in essence, building the bike as you go.  It’s also a lot less realistic looking, but you still end up with a decent idea of what your color combo will look like.

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I’m sure there are other sites out there like this, so if you know any, leave a link in the comments!

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Planning My 2nd Century

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I started biking in ’98, then waited some 12 years to ride my first century.  This time, though, I think I’m going to keep it to around 4 months.

Last time, I kept to the road, mashing my pedals all around my hilly city on a singlespeed.  My legs hurt, but all the time out of the saddle, standing during climbs, kept my butt from feeling too much pain.  This time, though, I’m swapping my SS road bike for a geared MTB, the roads for a rail-trail, and the hills for the flattest trail around.

Katy-Trail, MO - Click for larger image

Sometime before the end of September (I hope, but it’s dependent upon the weather), I’m going to ride the Eastern section of Missouri’s Katy Trail, from Jefferson City in the middle of the state, to St. Charles in the East (map).  Total distance is about 104mi, according to this chart, so it’ll be my longest ride to date.  I’m figuring on about 8 hours, if I average 13mph, but that’s if my legs die on me.  If I can keep around 15mph, then that should drop to 7 hours.  It’s sort of a toss-up between more time seated–thus an unhappy ass, but less tired legs–or a faster, more tiring ride.

I have a few parts to swap on my bike first, namely lighter tires & tubes, my rigid carbon fork, and a smaller cassette (I don’t need 32T gearing), just so I have less weight to propel all that way.  Other than that, I think I’m in shape for it, so I won’t do any training ahead of time (what sort of pansy prepares for epic rides, anyway?).  I’ll be sure to take my camera along so I can return with plenty of boring photos of flat, straight trail, as well as the 22 small towns that I pass through on the way.

Tentative date:  September 25.

I’ll keep you posted.


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Maxxis Re-Fuse Tire Review

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I bought the Maxxis Re-Fuse after my p.o.s. Kenda Kalientes kept getting punctured on almost every ride by road debris.  Few things suck worse than having to repair (or replace) a tube mid-ride, so I was really hoping the Re-Fuses lived up to their name (as in, Re-Fuse to puncture).  That, they did.

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Read more…

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Vialis – Get Real Rigid

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Never be uncertain about the length of your travel again!

Via YouTube

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Why You Should Be Riding Steel & Not Carbon

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I just came across a great (and highly biased–my favorite kind) of article comparing steel and carbon frames.  The author is obviously trying to make a point of durability and customization over light weight, and he gets it across quite well.


For more proof of why the typical rider might want to avoid plastic bike frames, check out or watch the amusing video below showing a completely unscientific, but easily repeatable, comparison between AL, steel and carbon frames.  KAPUT!

For the record, I don’t really have anything against carbon fiber; in fact, I love the stuff.  In the years I’ve been biking, I’ve ridden carbon handlebars, a rigid MTB fork, a carbon road fork, and a couple seatposts.  I wouldn’t mind building up a 13lb all-carbon bike for occasional use, either.  But, I still feel that steel is the ultimate material when you’re going for a combination of strength, durability, ride quality, price, and ease of manufacture.

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Rubens Barrichello’s Storck Electric Bike

August 28th, 2010 [print] 2 comments

Click for larger imageIt’s not often I get to combine two of my favorite things–Formula 1 and bicycles.  German builder Storck Bicycle GmbH, has partnered with F1 team Cosworth, to create a one-off electric bike to commemorate F1 driver Rubens Barrichello’s 300th Grand Prix.

Company founder Markus Storck presented the Raddar Multiroad Carbon bike to the AT&T Williams driver at the Spa racing circuit ahead of his landmark race, which he will compete in this Sunday, August 29… that’s tomorrow, folks!

As well as the custom Cosworth branding that mirrors the graphics on the Williams-Cosworth FW32 F1 car, it has a special logo created by the team to honor Barrichello’s landmark of 300 F1 races.  It’s built around a carbon fiber frame, a 250W Swiss-made electric motor, hydraulic disc brakes and ‘advanced gear shift electronics’ but, unfortunately, no flappy-paddle gearbox.

Storck founder, Markus Storck, said:  "Formula One racing is all about achieving technical precision and perfection, key elements in the DNA of Storck Bicycle GmbH.  I am honored to have been asked by Cosworth to present one of our highest performing products to one of the highest performing men in motor racing, Rubens Barrichello, as he celebrates 300 Grands Prix this weekend."

Mark Gallagher, General Manager of Cosworth’s F1 Business Unit:  "It is an absolute pleasure for Cosworth to be a part of Rubens’ 300th Grand Prix celebrations and to present him with this unique Storck bicycle.  Cosworth and Storck Bicycles have a close relationship and this bike embodies the pursuit of technical excellence that Formula One is all about.  It is this pursuit of excellence that has also taken Rubens to an incredible 300 Grand Prix events, so we thought it a fitting gift to celebrate his impressive F1 career to date."

Photos © Cosworth
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Rolling into the Weekend

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Hopefully it’s as warm and sunny where you are as it’s going to be in Missouri for the next few days.  Get out and ride!

Via YouTube, Senor GIF


Now Travis is back with a double flip!

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Ciclotte Exercise Bike

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This ridiculous thing you see here is a stationary exercise bike by a company called Ciclotte.  What makes it ridiculous is not its carbon fiber, unicorn fart and pixie dust construction, nor the on-board computer that can let you choose between 12 different ride settings.

Nor is the artsy design ridiculous.  Okay, it’s a little odd, but it definitely stands out, and it looks so good, I doubt you’d end up using it as a clothes hamper.  On second thought, the Pikachu handlebars are a bit ridiculous.

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No, what makes this thing ridiculous is the $10,700 price tag.  Add the average state sales tax, and you’re over $11,500 for a bike that can only be ridden in your fancy home office with a lake view (which costs extra, by the way).  You know what else can be had for $10,700, give or take a few?

—  Cannondale SuperSix 2 road bike with full Sram Red – $4,600
—  Scott CR 1 Comp spare training bike – $1,700
—  Trek T1 track bike – $860
—  EighthInch Scrambler V3 singlespeed beater – $600
—  Trek Speed Concept 2.5 Tri bike – $1,980
—  CycleOps Fluid indoor trainer – $300
—  A half-dozen spare tire sets – ~$600

And guess what?  All five of the bikes above can be used with the indoor trainer or–and I know this is a novel idea–taken outside and ridden on the street!  But, I guess for the cyclist with more money than brains, the Ciclotte is certainly cooler than just about any other stationary bike on the market.

Via Gizmodo, Wired, GizMag

Man Jailed After Arguing w/ Bike

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 Richard BialonA soused Stuart man was jailed after deputies say he was engaged in an "obscene argument" with his bicycle, a recently released arrest affidavit states.

County Sheriff’s deputies spied Richard Bialon, 68, around 4 a.m. Tuesday "yelling at his bicycle" in the parking lot of a Mobil gas station in the 3900 block of South Kanner Highway.

"Customers were coming to the Mobil and were very disturbed as to the yelling and obscene argument the defendant was having with his bicycle," the affidavit states.

The affidavit didn’t specify what the argument was about [probably a pesky derailer; God knows I’ve yelled at mine a time or two] or whether Bialon had accused the pedal-powered vehicle of wrongdoing.

Bialon, of the 5500 block of South Kanner Highway, had been imbibing all day and was described as "very intoxicated."

He was arrested on a misdemeanor disorderly intoxication charge and taken to jail.


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