EighthInch Cyclocross

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I meant to post this weeks ago…

EighthInch posted a hint on Twitter that they have a cyclocross frame in the works.  I haven’t heard any more about it since their April posting, so hopefully it’ll be out before too much longer.  I’ll keep you updated when I hear more.


Via Twitter

Update:  Looks like prototypes are on the way:  http://twitter.com/EighthInch/status/16695745782

Trek Kills Gary Fisher

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Trek Kills Gary Fisher

I love sensational headlines, and nothing beats this freak-out story being reported by all the bicycle blogs.

Basically, Trek has decided to end the Gary Fisher sub-brand, named after one of the sport’s most influential–and odd dressing–characters, Gary Fisher.  The reason why is pretty simple:  as its own brand, Gary Fisher Bicycles is not as widely distributed around the world as Trek.  By ending the line as a separate entity, they have basically increased the distribution of Gary’s bikes eight-fold.

“This makes sense. I love this strategy,” says Gary Fisher in a press release. “I’ve been working with Trek on the Fisher Brand since 1996, but this puts me right in the middle of the best team of bike people. I can now bring my ideas to Trek, number one bike brand in the world. Better bikes and more people on those bikes. I love it.”

Now instead of buying a Gary Fisher-brand bike, you’ll be buying a Trek, with "Gary Fisher Signature" painted on the frame.  Same bike, different strategy, nothing as severe as killing the entire brand.

Full story:  BikeRadar.com

Link:  http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/gary_fisher_collection/
Link:  http://www.bicycleretailer.com/news/newsDetail/4205.html

Edit:  here’s another great take on it at RVMS.com:  Trek to Fisher: “Git Inta Mah Belly!”

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10 Brilliant Redesigns for the Bicycle

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Popular Mechanics has rounded up 10 new variations on the bicycle.  "…we’re using a half horsepower to move over 80 mph."  Sweet…

Link:  http://www.popularmechanics.com/…/10-brilliant-bike-redesigns

Popular Mechanics: 10 Brilliant Redesigns for the Bicycle

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3/32″ EighthInch

June 18th, 2010 [print] 1 comment

I’m not sure if this is technically legal, and it’s certainly not moral, but I kind of don’t give a crap:  I just replaced my 48T 1/8" chainring with a 50T 3/32", and slapped a 3/32" chain on it, too.  Yeah, I know, it’s called an EighthInch Scrambler for a reason (the old-school 1/8" chain, if you’re not paying attention), but you sometimes have to do what’s necessary.

Click for larger image

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Road Bike Trials Riding

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I thought I was pretty cool doing some singletrack riding on my singlespeed road bike, but this dude has put me to shame.

British trials rider, Martyn Ashton, takes a carbon Raleigh Avanti Team road bike for a cruise around town, across beaches, over boulders, on the edge of rails, and down a crazy slope, er…  I guess, just because he can, and somehow manages not to get the bike posted on BustedCarbon.com while he’s at it.

Thanks to BikeRadar.com for the awesome video.

The BikeRadar Roadie

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Obama spends $1.2B on cycling & walking initiatives

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Here’s a link to the original news story since I’m too lazy to write my own:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/Obama-administration-spends-1.2-billion-on-cycling…

Okay, so technically I’m not that lazy.  So far this year, I’ve logged ~1,900mi on my bikes, the vast majority of them on my singlespeed.  Unfortunately, most people haven’t gotten anywhere near a bike, and the most walking they do is from their SUV to the snack isle in the grocery store and back.

Considering how many trazillions of dollars the government wastes on b.s. every year, I think this relatively small amount is well spent.  My city–Columbia, MO–benefitted greatly by a government grant a couple years back, and they’ve used that money to add additional bike lanes, and for maintenance on existing trails.  I’m hoping that as my city grows, and bike lanes continue to be added, it’ll encourage more people to ride, or at least make it safer and more accessible for those of us who already do.  With this extra money being thrown around, I’m hoping other cities benefit the same way mine has, and helps cycling (or walking, if you must) continue to grow.

Good work, Obama.  I don’t like or trust your politics, but this was a good move.

Obama spends $1.2B on cycling & walking initiatives

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Barely Used Bikes for Sale

June 12th, 2010 [print] No comments

The following ad is a perfect example of what I see on Craigslist just about everyday..

Click for larger image

As an avid cyclist, and someone who has been very active my whole life, it bothers me to see so many of these sorts of ads.  Everyday, millions (I’d assume) of people decide to get in better shape, and one of the quick answers to that is to buy a bicycle.  Chances are, their doctors suggested it as a low-impact form of exercise, and it’s easy to envision oneself pedaling around outdoors, enjoying nature and feeling like a kid again.

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Instructables: Bamboo Bike

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Speaking of bamboo bike frames, if you’re more of the DIY type, BAMBOOBIKER over on Instructables.com just put up a new post on how to make your own.

Basically, you’ll need an old frame, some bamboo tubing, and a whole lot of free time, but it looks like a great project for someone who likes to get their hands dirty.

Image credit: BAMBOOBIKER - http://www.instructables.com/id/Bamboo-Bike-2/
Photo credit: BAMBOOBIKER


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Organic Bikes Dylan Bamboo Frame

June 12th, 2010 [print] 1 comment

CyclingCloseouts–the same store where I bought my EighthInch Scrambler V2–is now selling the Dylan Bamboo frame by Organic Bikes.

The frame is made of bamboo tubing, with recycled aluminum lugs, and sells for $400, which is a pretty decent price for a bamboo frame.  Or you can get a complete bike for $799.99 (singlespeed or fixed gear) or $849 (3-speed with a Shimano Nexus hub).  As is typical with CyclingCloseouts, you get to pick out your components if you go with the complete bike.

Click for larger image

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Bikes banned in Colorado town roads

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In a convoluted way to get cyclists off the road, Blackhawk, CO, mayor bans all bicycles on roads because of "a state law requiring drivers to give bikes 3 feet of clearance when they pass."  Bike-hating aside, the mayor sounds like a real piece of work.

Original story on Cycleicious:  http://www.cyclelicio.us/2010/bikes-banned-in-colorado-town-roads/

No Bicycles Allowed

Via Cycleicio.us

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