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Obama spends $1.2B on cycling & walking initiatives

June 17th, 2010 [print] Go to comments

Here’s a link to the original news story since I’m too lazy to write my own:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/Obama-administration-spends-1.2-billion-on-cycling…

Okay, so technically I’m not that lazy.  So far this year, I’ve logged ~1,900mi on my bikes, the vast majority of them on my singlespeed.  Unfortunately, most people haven’t gotten anywhere near a bike, and the most walking they do is from their SUV to the snack isle in the grocery store and back.

Considering how many trazillions of dollars the government wastes on b.s. every year, I think this relatively small amount is well spent.  My city–Columbia, MO–benefitted greatly by a government grant a couple years back, and they’ve used that money to add additional bike lanes, and for maintenance on existing trails.  I’m hoping that as my city grows, and bike lanes continue to be added, it’ll encourage more people to ride, or at least make it safer and more accessible for those of us who already do.  With this extra money being thrown around, I’m hoping other cities benefit the same way mine has, and helps cycling (or walking, if you must) continue to grow.

Good work, Obama.  I don’t like or trust your politics, but this was a good move.

Obama spends $1.2B on cycling & walking initiatives

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