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Bendable Bike

July 8th, 2010 [print] Go to comments

21-year-old British inventor, Kevin Scott, is showing off his new creation, a bicycle that can bend itself around a street lamp.

The bike can be ridden like any other, but when it’s time to lock it up and leave it on its own, you simply flip a lever on the seat tube, and the frame–the top and seat tubes, in particular–become bendable, allowing you to wrap it around a street post and lock it to itself.  Whether or not it’ll actually keep the bike from being stolen is debatable; personally, I just think it’ll attract even more attention to itself, thereby becoming more of a target.  Either way, Scott is currently showing the bike off at the New Designers show in London, and hoping to find a financial backer so he can take it into production.

More info can be found on the Daily Mirror.

Kevin Scott, Bendable Bike
Photos © Tony Kyriacou / Rex Features

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