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Ciclotte Exercise Bike

August 26th, 2010 [print] Go to comments

This ridiculous thing you see here is a stationary exercise bike by a company called Ciclotte.  What makes it ridiculous is not its carbon fiber, unicorn fart and pixie dust construction, nor the on-board computer that can let you choose between 12 different ride settings.

Nor is the artsy design ridiculous.  Okay, it’s a little odd, but it definitely stands out, and it looks so good, I doubt you’d end up using it as a clothes hamper.  On second thought, the Pikachu handlebars are a bit ridiculous.

Click for larger image

No, what makes this thing ridiculous is the $10,700 price tag.  Add the average state sales tax, and you’re over $11,500 for a bike that can only be ridden in your fancy home office with a lake view (which costs extra, by the way).  You know what else can be had for $10,700, give or take a few?

—  Cannondale SuperSix 2 road bike with full Sram Red – $4,600
—  Scott CR 1 Comp spare training bike – $1,700
—  Trek T1 track bike – $860
—  EighthInch Scrambler V3 singlespeed beater – $600
—  Trek Speed Concept 2.5 Tri bike – $1,980
—  CycleOps Fluid indoor trainer – $300
—  A half-dozen spare tire sets – ~$600

And guess what?  All five of the bikes above can be used with the indoor trainer or–and I know this is a novel idea–taken outside and ridden on the street!  But, I guess for the cyclist with more money than brains, the Ciclotte is certainly cooler than just about any other stationary bike on the market.

Via Gizmodo, Wired, GizMag

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