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How to Change Cateye Loop Battery

June 27th, 2010 [print] Go to comments

Changing batteries in the Cateye Loop is extremely easy, but only once you know how.  I tossed the packaging the day I got it, and I don’t see instructions online, so I had to figure it out for myself.  If you’re having trouble getting it apart–since it’s not at first obvious–then follow the instructions below.

First, grab a flathead screwdriver.  I took the headlight off my bike while I did this, but you an just as easily leave it mounted.

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Next, carefully slip the end of the driver between the dome that covers the light, and the rest of the body.  Twist the driver a little, and the dome will begin to pop off.

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Once the dome is off, grab the LED and pull up.  The batteries are held inside a casing directly under the circuit board.

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Slide the batteries out–the casing is open on one side only–and then slide some new ones in.  Assemble it in reverse order.

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The Loop uses (2) CR2032 watch-style batteries.

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