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Aero Tuck

June 27th, 2010 [print] Go to comments

About a month back, I was going through some old issues of Bicycling magazines that I had laying around, looking for useful info before I finally tossed them in the trash.  I ride a singlespeed road bike, which means I run out of top-end gearing faster than someone with the ultimate 55×11 gearing.  As such, I find myself trying to get as low and aero as possible to make up speed when I can no longer accelerate through pedaling.

I’ve been trying this tuck position on some of the longer hills I ride, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in speed, especially on windy days–which we’ve had a lot of lately.  I wouldn’t suggest it to everyone, since it puts a lot of stress on your elbows, and it moves your hands away from your brake levers, but for the occasional quarter-mile or longer downhill, where pedaling no longer does any good, it makes a difference.

(scanned from Bicycling Magazine, June 2002)
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