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Farmers make giant Tour de France bike

July 8th, 2011 [print] No comments

I don’t watch the Tour, and I don’t care about the Tour, but I do think this is pretty cool.

Tour de France Farmers Bike

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20 km in Paris-Roubaix without bike seat

April 13th, 2011 [print] No comments

I often kid with people that I save weight on my bike by riding without a seat.  Now that I’ve seen this, I hope it’s not something that ever becomes a reality.  Norwegian, Kurt Asle Arvesen, had a saddle failure at some point in his race, but instead of giving up, he simply stood up!  20km is only 12mi, but that’s a long way to go without the option of sitting down.

By the way, you can tell he’s spent more time in the saddle than out of it, because he looks a little out of his element constantly standing.  Maybe a year on a high-geared singlespeed would be a good training option?

Via YouTube

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Bicycle drifting – sure, why not?

February 10th, 2011 [print] 1 comment

The video may be pretty corny, but this looks like a pretty good skill to have, and the dude is definitely having fun with it.  Must be hell on rear tires, though.

Via YouTube

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Snowed In: Eye Candy for Bored People

February 5th, 2011 [print] No comments

Last Tuesday, the mid-West got hit with a blizzard, and we’re still digging out.  Mid-Missouri got around 18" dumped on us, so I’ve had to trade biking for shoveling to get my exercise.  I’ve probably spent 8 hours or more since Wednesday morning pushing a shovel, mostly to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine.  With another 2" or so dumped last night, and more coming in the next day or so, it looks like I won’t be riding anytime soon.  On the upside, it gives me plenty of time to post crap like this:

Cyanide and Happiness, 2-5-2011:

I have no idea where this next one comes from, but it’s pretty incredible:

BMX Backflip

I have no reference for this one, either, but I think it’s called a stepper crank.  Very interesting set-up, but I think I prefer to spin my pedals in circles:

Stepper crank mechanism

Let’s just forget we saw this one:

Typographic Bicycle art, by Aaron Kuehn, at

Click for larger image

Fabian Cancellara’s Specilized S-Works Red Hammer, about as aero as it gets:

Click for larger image

And finally, one of the most beautifully simple lug joints I’ve seen.  Matte gray, on a JK Cross frame, made by Kirk Frameworks:

Click for larger image

I may be stuck inside for awhile, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still goofing around with my own bikes.  For the second–and final–time, I decided to try out a drop bar and road levers on my singlespeed…

Click for larger image

Looks good, I know.  Unfortunately, due to my hand size, lever angle, and the fact that I prefer to stay on the hoods, the brakes just don’t perform with as much ease as I’m used to with bullhorns and tri levers.  So, once again I’ve gone back to bullhorns, but this time, I’m trying out a Profile Design Airwing OS, with about 35mm of additional drop.  It won’t get me as low as being in the drops on a proper road bar, but it’s a good compromise for better aero dynamics, while still using a brake set-up that I prefer.

Click for larger image

I’m in no rush to get it installed, but I’ll post pics once it’s all put back together and I have a chance to get outdoors again.  Until then, if you’re under a foot of snow right now, good luck keeping busy!  And if you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, piss off. 😉

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How to Fold a Brompton

January 16th, 2011 [print] No comments

The Brompton folding bicycle is the modern urban commuter’s dream. From a full sized bike to a convenient piece of hand luggage in a matter of seconds. Cycling has never been so simple!

Via YouTube

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1-15-11 Links

January 15th, 2011 [print] No comments

Queens NYC councilman wants every adult cyclist to register to ride:

New Jersey lawmaker proposes the same ridiculous law (is this becoming a trend?):

Want to ride w/ a slower rider, but make the ride potentially more dangerous?  Try the BicycleBungee

Rael concept bike w/ rear-facing cameras and LCD monitor:

Rael Concept Bike

Portland Design Works is installing a mini velodrome inside their headquarters:

Circulus from machine project on Vimeo.


Study: Bike infrastructure projects create more jobs than auto-based initiatives:

5 California cyclists arrested for biking while intoxicated:

Winter Warriors – which type are you?

Skywalker – the 12ft tall bike that comes equiped w/ a ladder:

Skywalker Tallbike

Frostbitten cyclist discovers just how cold Siberia is:

And finally, a classic video from Lucas Brunelle playing on the ice:

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Downhill MTB Race in Brazilian Slums

December 24th, 2010 [print] No comments

Downhill racing typically consists of flying down the sides of mountains, but what if you were to take it inside a tightly space city area instead?

Legendary mountain biker brothers Dan and Gee Atherton go for a ride through the Dona Marta slum in Brazil. The course was designed and built for the unprecedented Red Bull Desafio no Morro race.

Via YouTube

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Bike Lock That Climbs Posts

November 26th, 2010 [print] No comments

They can’t steal what they can’t reach, although I see a ton of issues with this thing (weight, portability, finding posts of the right diameter).  Still, it’s pretty interesting.

An equally impractical idea–although much cooler, since *I* thought of it–would be a small helicopter that hovers 30ft in the air with your bike suspended from it.

Via YouTube

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Motorcycle Lunacy

September 27th, 2010 [print] No comments

If Lucas Brunelle had gotten into motorcycles instead of bicycles, it would have gone something like this…

Best watched fullscreen on YouTube

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Vialis – Get Real Rigid

August 29th, 2010 [print] No comments

Never be uncertain about the length of your travel again!

Via YouTube

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